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Gregg LeRock


Gregg Le Rock Gregg LeRock considers himself a pretty lucky guy. "I've got the best job I could ask for: I get to teach my favourite subject while singing, playing an electric guitar, grooving to funky beats, and jumping around like a madman!"

An Honours List graduate of the University of Ottawa's distinguished Lettres Françaises faculty, Gregg has managed to combine his three loves - teaching French, writing songs and performing for kids - into a single career. Upon completing his post-secondary French studies, Gregg began teaching French and grammar through non-traditional channels: "I wanted to teach and inspire kids primarily through music - in particular, through music that's a little 'hipper' than what people usually envision when they think of kids' music, which is primarily folk-based. I've always written in diverse musical styles. My music ranges from pop to rock to hip-hop to Cajun to R&B to reggae to blues. Kids love variety, and they respond best to upbeat songs with catchy melodies and funky grooves.

Asked whether he considers himself more of an educator or a musician, Gregg responds: "I think I'm both, in equal measure. French consultants, teachers and the folks from organizations such as Canadian Parents for French like what I do because it's all curriculum- related; kids like it because, in their words, 'It rocks!'"

In addition to releasing four best-selling CDs ("Encore", "Vive LeRock",  "OUI!" and "Le caractère compte") and performing for hundreds of thousands of students, Gregg has penned dozens of songs for Canada’s top educational publishers; his songs are featured in numerous French textbooks  ("À La Ronde", "Carrousel", “Visages”, “Images”, “Destinations” and “Acti-Vie”) and are sung in classrooms from coast to coast. "I write 'songs to order' for the educational publishers; they send me a list of vocabulary, grammatical constructions and verb tenses ... and I write a song that makes them easy to learn - and sing - in the musical style that I think best suits the subject."

Gregg's high-energy concerts feature pop, reggae, hip-hop, folk, blues and Cajun styles, guaranteed to get every kid rocking and singing - all in French! "My philosophy is that the best way to teach kids is to teach them without them knowing they're being taught and to make French 'cool'. And being able to do this while playing guitar behind your head always helps!"


a.) Gregg performs for more than 40,000 students every year.
b.) Gregg LeRock once taught French Immersion at Toronto's Dewson Street Public School.
c.) Gregg LeRock graduated magna cum laude (Dean's honour list) - from the University of Ottawa's Lettres Françaises faculty.
d.) Gregg LeRock's hobbies include coaching hockey, kayaking and salmon fishing.
e.) Gregg has performed for thousands of summer exchange students (SEVEC) and Canadian Parents for French members.
f.) While attending University of Ottawa, Gregg was the lead vocalist/guitarist for a bilingual rock band called "Lawless Students/Les Étudiants Sans Loi".
g.) Gregg LeRock has been nominated for two JUNO awards.
h.) Gregg LeRock is over seven feet tall.
i.) All of the above.
j.) All of the above, except "h".



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