Gregg LeRock

Gregg LeRock


Gregg and DJ Daveed will be performing the songs below at the concert. These are the most requested songs from Gregg's CDs. All of these songs are included on the complimentary "Gregg LeRock En Concert" prep CD we send to all participating schools.

Montrez-moi vos mains!

C'est bon!

Au Canada

Sous son sombrero

Terry Fox

Écoutons la radio 

Lunettes de soleil 

Mon sac à dos

La pizza

Le caractère compte

*Special note re: “Final” song + “Encore”: After Gregg and DJ Daveed play the last song of the set they will quickly say, “Merci!”, and leave the stage. Please let your students know well ahead of the show that if they shout “Encore! Encore! Encore!” after the last song of the set, Gregg and DJ Daveed will most definitely return to play a final, very rockin’ song for them!

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